HP PageWide XL 3900 Driver

HP PageWide XL 3900 driver

The HP PageWide XL 3900 printer boasts impressive capabilities, including an internal memory size of 8 GB of DDR3 storage. This cutting-edge model also allows for an additional internal storage of 500 GB HDD in a self-encrypted mode with an AES-256, ensuring that your documents remain secure.

When it comes to printing, the HP PageWide XL 3900 offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Its printing path includes an HP Universal Print driver (HP-GL/2 and PS), HP Click printing software, and HP PageWide XL print drivers (PDF, HP-GL/2, and PS). This advanced technology ensures that your documents are printed with precision and efficiency.

HP PageWide XL 3900 Printer Driver Downloads

Driver for Windows

Filename Size Download
PCL3 Driver for Windows 32 bit.exe 6.26 MB Download
PCL3 Driver for Windows 64 bit.exe 6.89 MB Download
PDF Driver for Windows 32 bit.exe 9.498 MB Download
PDF Driver for Windows 64 bit.exe 10.58 MB Download
PS Driver for Windows 32 bit.zip 4.90 MB Download
PS Driver for Windows 64 bit.exe 5.67 MB Download

Driver for Mac OS

Filename Size Download
Driver Installer for Mac OS.dmg 336.16 MB Download


According to the technical specs, the print output resolution for color mode can reach an impressive 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi). This is made possible by the printer’s state-of-the-art HP PageWide Technology, which utilizes four different cartridges for yellow, cyan, magenta, and black.

In terms of compatible media types, users have a variety of options to choose from. These include bond, recycled papers, poster papers, matte film, Tyvek papers, and polypropylene. With such a wide range of media types available, users can truly customize their printing experience to suit their specific needs.

The customary connectivity protocols encompass an elective HP SmartStream software that endorses peak performance. In addition, the endorsed print languages comprise HP GL/2, TIFF, and JPEG. Meanwhile, the typical operational milieu entails precise prerequisites, encompassing temperature and humidity thresholds. For instance, the operational humidity threshold spans from 20 to 80% with no condensation, although this is contingent on the type of media employed.

Furthermore, printing under ideal conditions requires an optimal power consumption of around 0.7 kilowatts, while standby mode typically uses 0.4 kW. During the ready method, power usage hovers around 108.4 watts, while sleep mode uses less than 1 watt. It’s worth noting that this sleep mode can dip below 4.6 watts when an embedded digital front-end component is utilized.

Printing speeds on this model surpass those of comparable LED printers with multifunctional capabilities. Additionally, the device effectively manages printing expenses through the utilization of HP SmartTracker software, maximizing cost efficiency. To access the HP PageWide XL 3900 driver, visit the HP website.

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