Epson LQ-590II Driver

Epson LQ-590II Driver

The Epson LQ-590II model is best suited for printing using the impact dot matrix method, which boasts 24 pins, 80 columns, and 24 needles for optimal results. This printer is capable of printing at various speeds, including ultra-speed draft mode, which prints at ten copies per inch (cpi) and boasts a remarkable 550 characters per second.

The high-speed draft mode, on the other hand, prints at the same ten cpi rate but only manages 487 characters per second. But no matter the mode, users will undoubtedly appreciate the unique capabilities of this printer model.

For Windows users, the Epson LQ-590II support printer driver is available and has a size of 6.78 MB.

Epson LQ-590II Printer Driver Downloads

Driver for Windows

Filename Size Download
Printer Driver for Windows.exe (Recommended)

6.78 MB Download
Status Monitor for Windows.exe (Recommended)

12.56 MB Download
Download Epson LQ-590II driver from Epson website


The Epson LQ-590II printer boasts a range of connectivity options, including a hi-speed USB 2.0 port and parallel connection. This machine is designed to efficiently feed paper through the front and rear sides of the paper tray, accommodating a variety of paper formats – from sheet paper and continuous paper, to labels, roll paper, envelopes, and even cardboard.

When it comes to printing, the Epson LQ-590II can produce documents with a width of 437 mm, a height of 177 mm, and a depth of 375 mm. With its impressive capabilities and versatile paper handling, this printer is a reliable choice for any business or individual seeking high-quality print output. To learn more about this printer and download the necessary drivers, visit the Epson website by clicking on this link.

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Furthermore, it is important to note that the maximum weight capacity of the product is limited to 7.2 kg and must adhere to a range of environmental specifications. These specifications include a supported temperature range spanning from 5 to 350C, as well as a supported humidity range of 10 to 80%.

Additionally, the product is compatible with various operating system versions, including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2021 R2. However, it should be noted that some operating systems, such as Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, and Windows XP, may not be compatible with this product.

It is imperative to ensure that these specifications are met in order to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the product.

The machine boasts a print head life of up to 400 million strokes of wire, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. During operation, it produces a noise level of 55 dB (A), ensuring a quiet and peaceful workspace.

In terms of printer language, this machine supports ESC/P2, providing a versatile and adaptable printing experience. The input data buffer is approximately 128 kb, ensuring efficient and seamless printing.

Furthermore, this machine boasts an impressive mean time between failure of about 25,000 power-on hours, ensuring maximum reliability and minimal downtime. Its flexible printing capabilities are enhanced by the inclusion of a 24-pin, 80-column dot matrix printer, allowing for precise and high-quality printing.

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