Brother PT-1960 Driver

Brother PT-1960 Driver

The Brother PT-1960 printer belongs to the P-touch printer series and is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard layout consisting of 51 keys, including the main switch. An LCD screen is integrated into the display component, which can accommodate up to 10 characters and two lines. Additionally, there are 20 indicator lights, which include the Alt and Caps keys.

Brother PT-1960 printer driver for Windows

Filename Size Download
Printer Driver for Windows 7 xp vista 32 bit.exe 908 kB Download
Printer Driver for Windows 7 vista 64 bit.exe 964 kB Download


This printer boasts a print head with a remarkable 180 dots per inch (dpi) resolution and a color depth of 112 dots, making it a top choice for high-quality printing. What sets this model apart is its lack of barcodes, yet it still manages to deliver up to 5 lines of multi-line printing. This feature significantly enhances the printer’s speed, allowing it to cover a substantial print area with ease.

The printer boasts a range of impressive features, including copy printing capabilities for up to 9 pages with options for right, left, and center alignment. Mirror printing is also possible, along with support for page numbering up to 9 and a variety of print styles.

In addition to these functions, the printer also offers a range of framing and fill patterns, including round, nameplate, point, dot, and candy patterns. With up to 15 different templates available, users can achieve a high-quality print with ease.

Furthermore, the printer boasts a present length function, which further enhances the quality of the final print. Whether you’re looking to create professional documents or eye-catching graphics, this versatile device has everything you need to get the job done right. So why wait? Invest in a printer that delivers outstanding results every time.

The Helsinki and Brussels fonts are included as built-in options for document editing, with a variety of styles such as regular, outline, bold, shadow, and combinations thereof. Additionally, the printer supports an impressive array of 126 special characters and 53 unique symbols across 8 different sizes. With a maximum character height of 14.7mm and the added benefit of a 5-line buffer size enhancement, this printer truly delivers unparalleled performance in typography.

The printer’s internal memory boasts a capacity of up to 300 characters, spread over ten distinct areas. Meanwhile, the machine’s housing is designed in the form of a petite desktop.

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